Where spirituality meets sexuality

Tantric Divination promotes the spiritual aspect of sexuality and sensuality through energetic movement. Its more than just your typical "dance class." It's about an energy that lies dormant in all of us until it is time to awaken and rise. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the universe, and when used properly.... It can be the most transforming in various ways.

My class focuses on women (and even men) as a whole... mind, body, and spirit. It is designed to help boost self esteem, self confidence, strength, and to find stability in life. More importantly, it is designed to teach women how to get in tune with their divine feminine energy, so that they can come into their own power. Balance is important when it comes to matters of the soul. When we follow the guidance of our higher selves, we get closer to who we truly are and who we are meant to be; Goddesses.